Rail Draw [Google Play] [App Store]

Rail Draw is an amazing game where you have to keep your wagon safe through drawing the rail on the screen. You draw the rail as the wagon advances! Easy at the begin, difficult in the middle and a nightmare after scoring 40.

Magic Carpet [Google Play] [App Store]

Magic Carpet is an old-school game where you control the flying carpet while keeping your avatar alive. You can also drop fireballs to defend from enemy attacks! Defeat the 10 final bosses to complete this challenging shoot 'em up.

Jump & Hang [Google Play] [App Store]

Jump & Hang is a simple but addictive old-school platformer. The game is controlled just by tapping the screen and the player should be focused only on jumping at the correct moment and the accuracy while releasing the hook.

Old School Test Drive [Google Play] [App Store]

Train your bimanual coordination by playing this old school test drive game. Control both cars at the same time through the 2 on-screen steering wheels. Avoid collisions on a practice game for getting high evaluations, and for keeping fuel on arcade mode.

Rainbow Cave [Google Play] [App Store]

Rainbow Cave is a simple but addictive classic game. Touch the screen to move up, release to move down. Control your avatar to dodge cave walls. Unlock new avatars by scores.